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ReImagine Adventure!

Sunsplashed Adventures’ Powered Recreational Equipment offers a completely unique adventure experience for everyone to enjoy. Fun, safe, and environmentally-friendly, this is an experience you can’t miss out on!

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

All of our recreational equipment is electric and powered by the sun. We use solar panels to recharge our batteries, which in turn charge each piece of equipment.   This clean technology and reduced carbon footprint profile make them a safe option for both riders and the environment.

Fully Powered Snorkel Boards

Reimagine the power of snorkeling!

Sunsplashed Adventures’ Powered Snorkel Boards offer a completely unique ocean experience for everyone to enjoy. It’s just like snorkeling, but with less hassle and more fun! All of our patented Powered Snorkel Boards are powered completely by the sun. The 10-foot-long boards closely resemble paddleboards, but they’re specially designed to allow for comfortable viewing from a custom window that looks into the water. Fun, safe, and environmentally-friendly, this is an experience you can’t miss out on!

Power Assisted Kayaks

Reimagine excitement!

Your next kayaking adventure awaits, but it’s better than ever! Explore tropical hideaways, get up close to wildlife on the banks of a secluded lake, or relax on the water under a sizzling sunset. With power-assisted kayaks from Sunsplashed Adventures, you don’t need to cut the excitement short or go home with aching arms. Enjoy a light workout, then flip on your cruising mode so you can sit back and fully experience the intoxicating sights, sounds, and smells that surround you.

Power-Assisted Paddleboards

Reimagine cruising!

Imagine cruising directly over brightly coloured flora and fauna on the seafloor with a complete bird’s eye view (and all without getting wet!) The entire family can enjoy this completely unique experience on virtually any calm body of water. Plus, you can extend the adventure with a little boost from Sunsplashed Adventures’ Power Assisted Paddleboards. Enjoy the gentle dip of your paddle in the water, or use the power assist technology to explore a wider variety of landscapes in less time as you cruise from location to location.

Electric Surfboards

Reimagine the ride!

Whether you’re new to surfing or you’ve hit the waves on every coastline imaginable, there’s a brand-new surfing experience to be found among the swell of the waves. Electric surfboards from Sunsplashed Adventures help you catch more waves than ever before. They can also give you a boost when the wind and waves just won’t cooperate, so you don’t have to miss out on your chance to build your skills. Plus, our boards are environmentally friendly and fully surfer-dude approved.

Power-Assisted E-Bikes

Reimagine exploration!

Enjoying the full experience of a new city or countryside isn’t the same when you’re hopping on and off a bus or riding in the back of a taxi. Bicycles offer you a more authentic experience and allow you to get around, while also making time for those random stops that turn into the best memories. Luckily, you no longer have to spend all of your energy on a day of biking. Sunsplashed Adventures’ electric bicycle gives you a boost of power and speed so you can skip the big hills, stay cool and comfortable, and still have the energy for exploring the next day. Power-assisted e-bikes are also perfect for anyone in your party who is elderly or physically restricted but still wants to be included in the excitement.

An Investment in the Life You’ve Always Wanted.
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